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This piece stands out because it is stylized and deliberate. The lack of shading and simplication of line art makes it pop to the viewe...



An absent-minded moment of clarity
I caught myself strung out and staring off into space again.
Unable to focus I wasted hour after hour on tired and impartial thoughts.
These broken feelings are leading to awful decisions and I don't know why I continue to make them.
I feel lost and I don't know how I got here.
And now I'm wishing I was anywhere but here, by myself
I'm cautious of these jumbled and poorly constructed questions.
They build and build in my mind with no real foundation.
And I'll ask anyone that will listen,
But the answers never come
They'll fade with time like my memories of you...
or so they say.
And they've truly lost lost all of their meaning in this absent-minded moment of clarity.
Really, I'm just tired and I thought you should know,
that for a second I fell apart.
But these moments are only fractures that will heal in time.
I'll figure it out in my own way
And for you I swear I'll try if you give me a chance.
God, I'll be whatever you want me to be.
Regaining Control Was Something Implied
Seemed like a confession was starting over.
A clean slate to clear my cluttered mind.
Round after round of apologies and I don’t feel any different.
It makes me wonder if being transparent was really worth it.
Almost feels like I’m dragging my feet towards that crucial step forward,
but a step in any direction would be better than where I am today.

If it’s another day wasted,
I can always sleep it off.
Although I sometimes feel motionless in my dreams,
trapped in snapshots from sour moments in time I’ll never be able to fix.
They are like fragile mental pictures too scrambled anyway when I try to focus.
But I think if I could just let them deteriorate this time I could leave this place in my head.
And in the morning I might be in a capacity to sort it all out if it’s not still a fog in my mind.

And If it’s another year wasted,
I think I’m beginning to feel weary and uninterested.
But I know looking back again gets me nowhere.
If I’m still waiting eagerly for you to come around,
It’s probably because I’m tired of starting over.

I thought you should know that regaining control was something implied.
Those endless debates with myself about whom I need to be have to come to a conclusion.
Let’s see what happens when I apply a little more destruction.
Let’s just look the other way when things aren’t going my way.
But If I want to find comfort I have to let go of the urge to say, “Let’s burn it down.”
So you keep asking if I remember when.
Well shit, isn’t a fond memory of being young a nostalgic and thoughtless point?
When I feel the need to constantly make up for the shortcomings and compromising of character,
I find If I can’t look past the mistakes nothing is harder than beginning to pick up the pieces

Hey God, if you’re listening I need moment,
But I’m scared of how I reflect when the dust settles.
I think I’m finally running out of distractions.
I’m feeling frantic trying to solve the puzzles myself.
I don’t like not knowing where to turn when the answers don’t come to me on their own.
So I guess I need your help.
Maybe I just need to know that you are real.

Music that inspired (I highly recommend you check these songs and bands out):

"Saviorself" - The Color Morale
"Americans" - This Or The Apocalypse
"Circles: - Thrice
Wherever I Go From Here
Misplaced in a tiny moment this time slips away from us,
like every doubt we’ve shared has me constantly counting backwards towards a cluster of empty promises.
Mostly I was just sitting there with you wasting another hour away from moving forward.
I was surprised when you caught me stuck in my head again,
contemplating every bad thing in this world like it was all a fault of my own.
An unfaithful me wanted to cower in a corner every time a flash of guilt triggered another reason to look away from you.
A misstep over a gap in my judgment was a free-fall into a persistent pit of regret.
Anticipating a negative reaction I tensed up waiting for this peaceful moment to fail,
When You playfully nudged me and said,
“Where there are shadows there is also light.”
I shrugged and accepted that you were probably right.
You smiled and I sighed.
Somehow you’ve always had a way of turning my attention to the brighter side of things.
However I don’t know where this life is going.
And I kind of feel like it’s pulling me away from you,
but I hope you know that I’ll take every memory of you with me,
wherever I go from here.

Prints available at:…

Music that inspired:

"Roads" Portishead
"Atlas" Sparta
"Sleeping at the wheel" Matchbox 20

***EDIT:12/17/12 - Color scheme/contrast was really bothering me so I adjusted it.***
***EDIT:12/18/12 - Finished writing the prose. The original was a rough draft. ***


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Eric R. Martin
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Currently based out of Long Beach, California I am a member of RAW:natural born artists. I have had one foot in and out of the art society for the last 12 years choosing to focus on personal projects instead of a professional avenue.

My style is loose and personal. I usually rely on imagery I see in abstract things from nature and society. I try to create environments that tell a story and relate to others the inner workings of my mind.

I have published several times with ImagineFX. My work is featured in the book, "Fantasy Workshop: Mastering Digital Techniques"… and Socar Myles', "Fantasy Art Drawing Skills",….

In 2010 I was awarded grand prize in Corel's 25th Anniversary contest for my painting, "I stopped to Day Dream and 20 Years Passed Me By":
  • Listening to: Jimmy Eat World
  • Reading: "Atlas Shrugged" Ayn Rand
  • Drinking: H20

If you want to know a little more about me and my quirks feel free to add or follow me on:


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